If you use real-world scenarios to evaluate the cost of online backup services, you will find that Backup Proshop almost always comes out on top.
Beware of hidden rate plan complexities when shopping for online backup services. Not all plans are what they appear to be. A plan may seem like a good deal initially, but storage commitments and minimum per PC charges add up fast. Make sure you account for all of the charges.
Backup Proshop
The Competition
No per PC charge   Every PC is a new plan
• Backup as many or as few PCs as you need
• Storage cost is shared among all your PCs
• You only pay for the storage you use
  • Each PC means a new plan and a new storage commitment
• What seemed like a good deal gets expensive really fast
No storage commitment   Major commitment required
• Pay as you go pricing
• Start small and let your usage grow naturally over time
• Volume discounts are automatically applied as you grow
  • Try to anticipate the maximum storage you will ever need for each PC up front
• Then pay for that much storage whether you use it or not
No monthly minimum charge   Just having an account has a cost
• Back up as much or as little as you wish
• Only pay for what you use
Your monthly bill starts at $0
  • Even the tiniest backup incurs a substantial bill just to get going
• For a better price, you have to commit to higher storage
No artificial limits to halt backups   Backups stop when over the limit
• A backup that halts is a broken backup
• "Pay as you go" means backups never halt because you've exceeded your storage level
• You simply pay for what you use
  • Exceeding your storage limit causes the backups to stop working
• You have to call your service provider and upgrade your plan
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