The Most Effective Way to Back Up Your Files
Continuous Online Backup means that Backup Proshop is always watching your files; always looking for changes. Whenever a change is detected, our continuous online backup engine immediately extracts the changes, compresses them, encrypts them, and securely transfers them to our data center.
What's Wrong with a Scheduled Backup?
Most online backup tools are based on the concept of a scheduled backup. Scheduling means that the PC has to be online and running when the backup happens. An administrator may set the backup to happen at 8:00pm every night. If your PC is shut down at 8:00pm, your online backup fails and you have to wait for the next schedule to kick in.

If you're busy working on your PC when the schedule kicks in, the backup will make your PC seem slow. Most people will just click "Cancel" and that will be another missed backup. You can always run the backup manually later. But that's just one more thing you have to remember to do.

Continuous Online Backup is Better
Instead of one big backup at the end of the day, we do many tiny backups throughout the day. Smaller backups happen faster. In fact you'll probably never notice them running. Since there is no schedule to miss, you will never miss an opportunity to have your files backed up.
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