Backup Proshop Keeps Multiple Versions of Each File

Every time your files change, the new versions of each file will be backed up automatically. The service will keep three versions by default, and can be set to keep up to 28.

These new versions are usually much smaller than the original file. So they probably do not use as much of your storage space as you might think.

Our backup engine compares each new file to the last version stored. It then extracts the changed data to created a "delta" file. This delta is stored on our servers as a separate version of the file.

You can later recover the original file or any of the versions while only using a fraction of the storage space.

Imagine you are working on a 100KB document. You then add a couple of paragraphs. The backup engine is able to extract perhaps 5KB worth of changes and performs a backup. Then the next day you edit it again resulting in another 10KB of changes.

This document will be stored as the original 100KB file, plus 2 versions of 5KB and 10KB each. You have the ability to restore the complete file as it existed at each of those 3 points in time. However, the backup will only use 100+5+10=115KB of storage space.

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