Backup Proshop runs on almost any Windows PC with an Internet connection.
Backup Proshop was designed to work on a wide range of Windows PCs. Anything from Windows 95b all the way up to Windows XP and 2003 Server are supported.

Though backups work best on a high speed Internet connection, many customers are happily using Backup Proshop on dial-up or accelerated dial connections.

Our Backup Software is small and efficient so that it can run easily on older Home PCs. For example, if you have an old Pentium PC running Windows 95 with 64Mb of RAM, you should be fine.

Our software has been tested to work on the minimum configuration recommended by Microsoft for each version of Windows. If you are happy with the performance of your system today, the backup will not degrade your performance.

Our backup software was also designed to be compatible with home and office hardware firewalls. To a firewall, it just looks like a web browser. If your PC can surf the web, you should have no trouble using our backup service.

Tech Note: The web portal uses HTTP and HTTPS on ports 80 and 443. The backup client uses a proprietary protocol that looks to a firewall like SSL on port 443.

A brief note about personal firewall software
Lately personal software firewalls have become very popular. Software firewalls run on your local PC and protect you from viruses, spyware, and email worms.

Backup Proshop is compatible with these programs. When you first install our backup software, you may see a pop-up security alert from your firewall software saying that a program BACKUP.EXE is trying to access the Internet. You should be prompted to "Permit" or "Deny" this program access. It is important that when you see this message you say "Permit".

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